The church service is a focal point in church life
Redemption Faith Ministries wants to be a church of Christ.
Jesus Christ is central to the service and His significance for this world and for everyone’s personal life.

There is room for special services (singing services, youth services,
confessional services, missionary services, theme services, etc.) in which the breadth of the municipality can identify. These are services with clear accents for a specific target group, but not exclusively for one target group.

The youth is not only the church of the future, but also the church of today. Children and young people are part of the whole of the church of Christ. Together we are responsible for youth work.

The congregation is happy to be a missionary congregation based on its calling and mission. We are responsible for volunteers and projects in the Netherlands and abroad. We guarantee (financially) our share of the budget. We look locally for places and possibilities and to “witness” the Good News. Interchurchically we are locally involved in missionary projects.