Redemption Faith Ministries behoort tot de kerken die sterk uitgesproken zijn bij de Evangelische beweging. We zijn een vrije, zelfstandige gemeente. Dat houdt in dat er geen centraal gezag is van overheid of synode, maar de Heer het voor het zeggen heeft en zijn Woord ons kompas is.

Redemption Faith Ministries is one of the churches that are strongly pronounced in the Evangelical movement.

We are a free, independent municipality. That means that there is no central authority of government or synod, but the Lord is in charge and his Word is our compass.

We believe in the trinity of God: The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. God is one.

We believe in the infallible Word of God inspired by the Holy Spirit. God’s Word is the truth and has enormous power even today. Everything in the church may be tested against the Word of God.

Because people do not live as God wants us to, the relationship with God is disrupted and many of them end up in distress and big problems. But we believe that God is great, loving and merciful and has sent His son Jesus to die in our place. We believe that people can repent of their sins and that the relationship with God can be restored by accepting the atoning sacrifice of the Lord Jesus.

We believe that the Holy Spirit is “the other Comforter” that the Lord Jesus spoke about. In the church we give space to the Spirit of God and are open to His Work. We believe that the Holy Spirit makes us familiar with the Father and the Son, Jesus Christ. In addition, we believe and expect the glorious return of Jesus Christ!