“ Come with us and we shall do you good ”


   About Us 

Redemption Faith is registered in the Amsterdam Chamber of Commerce as a charitable non-profit making Christian Organization.

Redemption Faith Ministries International is head-quartered in Amsterdam and is NOT a subsidiary to and other religious organization. It would be a sheer coincidence for any Christian ministry to bear a similar name

Redemption Faith Ministries  however, open our doors to have fellowship with all Christian Ministries who share our faith and beliefs.

Redemption Faith Ministries International exists not only to seek the spiritual well being of her members, but also to project their social, emotional, economic and intellectual aspects of life.
Our growth has not only been in quantity but also in quality (talent development).

Redemption Faith Ministries Int. is notable for her:

Warmth……….through fellowship

Equipping….. ..saints with knowledge through solid teachings

Strength…….. through worship that leads one to experience God

Aiding ……… ..people to discover their gifts and talents

Availability … help people enhance their maturity in Christ

Availability….. .to standby people in time of need

Relentless ……efforts in reaching out to the lonely